Decorating a corner space can be an intricate affair moreover a task that leaves even the best designers puzzled. It is not the fact that the lonely little corner is immensely difficult to decorate or style, but the complexity lies in taking the right decision about the rest of the room. Refurbishing space of a living room corner is all about figuring out what works best in projecting an alluring image of your home and the design theme that will compliment the decor. The corners often are left empty and considered just like a big waste of space. There are plenty of ways in which they can be efficiently decorated. While some rooms demand a captivating and intricate corner makeover, others look stunning with simple additions. And yet there are times when a room looks appealing even when the corner is left idle and untouched!

For a living room, a corner sofa is probably the easiest and simplest idea that one can start off with! Arranging a small sofa in a compact space with a pair of other chairs can make the room feel stuffed, and not forget those little spots of other furniture all over the place. But one great corner sofa that accommodates all seating in one dive can actually make a small room feel more elegant and gracious. It performs multiple tasks by defining space, accommodating guests with plenty of seating for everyone and providing space to stretch out for a short nap! But there is no as such criteria or a thumb rule that L shaped sofas are designed for small living rooms only, just because every space in that room is precious. These sofas can work precisely well for bigger living rooms too!

“It’s a good idea to spend time deciding what you really want. A rushed decision could mean you’ll end up with that little something missing, which keeps your sofa from being the safe, warm and cozy center of your living room that it can and should be,” says Rebecca Snowden a famous interior designer! So, while buying a corner sofa, you need to do an overall study of aspects that can and will be affected after you replace your regular sofa with a corner one. You’ll need to choose your style and fabric – the fun part! A neutral and lighter shade of color tends to make rooms feel bigger as well as spacious and can be accessorized with cushions and covers, while a daring, brightly colored sofa is eye catchy and lends a touch of optimism and delight to space. The leather is a smart choice for a family with small kids because it lasts and is easy to clean if ruined by them. Leather only gets better with a slight wear and tear. But for velvet, we always have a soft spot, which is the most luxurious option. It not only exhibits magnificence, but also elegance and divinity. Though they require special care and attention, it is worth the pain!

Your new sofa will work as a focal point of your living room, so it’s best to buy a piece of furniture that fits in the decor of your room. For a sofa that will fit into any interior design, you can go for neutral colors with cushions of bold color to create a balance and prevent the room to look too dull. Whereas for a modern decor go for darker colors. This particular mix and match of shades will prevail the lively feel of your living room!

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