There are too many sofas made from different raw materials in the sofa market, for example, they can be divided into the leather sofa and fabric sofa according to the materials. In the following article, I will introduce some characteristics of both leather sofa and fabric sofa.

Leather sofa

if you are planning to buy the leather sofa, the first thing you have do is to identify whether it is the genuine leather or the artificial leather. Generally speaking, there are clear pore and decorative pattern on the genuine leather, at the same, touch feeling of genuine leather is so smooth, so soft and with high elasticity. However, nowadays with the high simulation technology, some artificial leather can have the same features as the genuine leather. For example, the pore on the surface of some artificial leather is also clear. Of course, artificial one, after all, is artificial, there is still a way to distinguish the artificial leather and genuine leather. The pore on the artificial leather is generally even while the size of the pore on genuine leather is not even, which can be considered as the important judgment standard. In addition, when buying a leather sofa, you should pay more attention to the promise on instruction book.

Fabric sofa

When buying fabric sofa, you must pay more attention to the factor such as shell fabric types, jacquard weave style or printing style, the country of origin, import ones or domestic ones, performance such as color fading situation, shrink situation and finally the environmentally friendly requirements. When distinguishing the shell fabric types, it is better to touch with hands, the jacquard weave style fabric sofa has the concave-convex feeling with strong third dimension while the printing style should be smooth. Meanwhile, the price of jacquard weave style fabric sofa is often higher than the printing style ones. As for the environmentally friendly requirements, you should ask for the relevant authoritative proof from the merchants.

Talking from the shell fabric, the sofa with the silk or satin fabric is very elegant and luxurious, which gives people a magnificent feeling. Meanwhile, sofa with the hemp and corduroy as the raw material are tasteful, which give people the feeling of nature and simplicity. According to the flower patterns, sofa with gingham style is so neat and fresh, which is suitable for the simple and vivid home decoration style. On the other hands, sofa with geometric and abstract patterns will give people the feeling of modern so that it is suitable for the fashionable home decoration style.

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