Furniture for any house is a huge investment. You would obviously not wish to exhaust all your bank balance in buying a new set every time the previous set becomes old. Try out these furniture renovation ideas for the two most common furniture present in almost every house.

Among the many types of sofa sets, the wooden sofa set is the most common. This is because other materials like leather, iron etc were introduced with the advent of modernity but a wood sofa had been there since time immemorial. To elucidate further the use of wood for making sofa can be traced back to the times when the very concept of sofa or couch took its birth. Yes, the wood sofa is that very old. But during those periods, the design or style of a wood sofa set was very crude and plain and if you go to buy a sofa online today, you will get the wooden sofa with many sophisticated designs.

Follow the wood sofa set renovation and remodeling techniques given below to give a new look to your old wooden sofa set:

  • Use a sandpaper to sand down the wooden armrests and sides and base of your wooden sofa. Then use a paint brush to re-stain the wood. If it is a Sheesham sofa it will pick up the new stain quickly and beautifully because Sheesham wood has a stunning paint absorbing quality.
  • If you have a royal sofa with intricate wood carvings that have worn out with the passage of time and the sofa now looks ordinary, don’t do a silly thing like buying another highly expensive royalsofa. Just take the old one to a nearby carpenter’s workshop and get some designs carved on it. It’s true that the woodwork this time won’t be as lavish as the original but at least you won’t have to dump the furniture and the entire thing will cost you only some hundred Rupees.
  • If you think that your wood sofa set has lost its gloss, you can apply a fresh coat of polish or turpentine oil to give a vibrant look to the sofa set.
  • Slipcover technique is a clever way to impart the new look to the sofa fabric without reupholstering it.

Here is some renovation tips to give a new look to the old stool:

  • Stools are mostly wooden. Though nowadays you will also get an iron stool or other metallic stools. A simple wooden stool is rectangular or square-shaped. Though nowadays round wooden stool also has become too popular. Whether it is a square stool or around stool or iron stools or wooden stools, it is always wise to restore and renovate the old one rather than buy a new one. Restoration of wood stool is easy enough. You have to clean the stool first with dishwashing soap and then with mineral spirit. Then scrape off the old finish with sandpaper and apply a gel stain coat and next one or two coats of wood varnish.
  • For metallic stools and knitted stool like the puff stool and even for the tripod stool which combines the metallic tripod stand and a wooden seat, extra items like chemical rust eradicator, rust preventive primer, undercoat primer etc are needed.

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